The Ventures Japan Tour 2019 review

The Ventures Japan Tour 2019 review
Posted on September 10, 2019 .

I have spent the last 12 days in Japan and have had the distinct pleasure and good fortune to be able to attend 5 Ventures’ concerts in different cities, and have one more to go: tomorrow night’s show will be the final concert of this year’s tour.  This year’s set list includes a number of songs that the group has not played live for quite some time.  The two set lists are posted you can see the titles.  I particularly like “Besame Mucho” but it is great to hear “The Savage”, “The Intruder”, “Sukiyaki” (aka “Ue-Oh Muite Arukoh”) and a number of others.  There is high energy on stage – the show is fast-paced and up-tempo.  While Bob Spalding takes the Lead Guitar duties for the most part, both Ian and Luke have the opportunity to demonstrate their lead abilities: Ian on “Ghost Riders in the Sky” and “Rawhide”, Luke on “Telstar” and “The Lonely Bull”.  Of course, The Ventures’ original Japanese hits (“Futari No Ginza”, “Ame No Midosuji”, “Kyoto Bojo” and “Kyoto No Koi”) remain big favorites as do the US/International perennials like “Walk Don’t Run”, “Hawaii Five-O”,”Pipeline” and “Wipeout”.  And what Ventures’ concert is ever complete without “Caravan” and the usual amazing drum solo by Leon?

The audiences have been wonderful and the outpouring of friendship by the fans at the end of each show is wonderful to see and to experience.  The flowers and cookies are much appreciated (not to mention the liquid sustenance!)

There are photos here of Leon at sound check, the interior of one of the beautiful concert halls, and a group shot of the Ventures’ members together with the crew guys who work so hard for us every year.  Without them, there would be no show!

the ventures japan tour 2019, Concert Hall InteriorConcert Hall Interior

the ventures japan tour 2019, The Ventures 60th AnniversaryThe Ventures 60th Anniversary

the ventures japan tour 2019, The Ventures CrewThe Ventures Crew

the ventures japan tour 2019, Leon Taylor doing sound check before the showLeon Taylor doing sound check before the show

Japan Tour-19, set 1Set 1

Japan Tour-19, set 2 Set 2

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