The Ventures Embark On Historic 45th Anniversary Tour of Japan

The Ventures Embark On Historic 45th Anniversary Tour of Japan
Posted on August 27, 2007 .

The Ventures leave the U.S. in early July for a two-month tour of Japan.

This year marks the 45th Anniversary of the group’s first tour to Japan in 1962 – at that time, only Bob Bogle and Don Wilson traveled, and used Japanese back-up musicians during their tour. Due to their phenomenal success, they were invited back the following year when they filled concert halls and stadiums, and virtually introduced the electric guitar to Japanese audiences. They have been credited with starting the “Eleki Boom” – the advent of heavy guitar sound – and spawning dozens if not hundreds of copy bands.

The Ventures have returned to Japan almost every year since then, sometimes twice or even three times in one year. It has been said that The Ventures have performed more live shows in Japan than any other artist. Much of their success is due to the fact that they do not only play in Tokyo and other large cities, but bring the music to the people all over the country.

To kick off this year’s tour, The Ventures have been invited to appear on one of the most popular TV variety shows in Japan, featuring the immensely successful group SMAP – the show is called SMAPxSMAP (Suma Suma). This TV show has one of the largest audiences in Japan.

The first live concert of the tour will also feature more than 50 young guitar players who have won a competition organized by EMI Japan, to appear on stage with The Ventures and jam on “Pipeline”!

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