Report from Tokyo

Report from Tokyo
Posted on October 1, 2009 .

Fiona Taylor here – on my annual visit to Tokyo to check out The Ventures’ summer tour. This year is very special because of the 50th Anniversary, and the show has some great features. The concert opens with Bob Spalding on lead for the first six songs/medleys, then Gerry takes over with some lead on sitar before switching to regular lead guitar. The second set opens with a 4-5 minute video montage showing footage from Beloved Invaders, Live 1990, and much more, incorporating all the major Ventures’ members, past and present – Don, Bob, Mel, Nokie, Gerry, Leon and Bob Spalding – then closes with a statement that this year’s tour is dedicated to the memory of Bob Bogle. The group then comes on stage and launches into an hour long second set, culminating with the obligatory and much requested encore number, Caravan.

There are a number of unexpected and unusual titles in this year’s set, including songs from the new Yuzo Kayama CD, and also Someday, Someway from the Acoustic Rock CD.

I have now seen the show twice from start to finish, and enjoyed it immensely. By the response from the audiences, they did too!

I will be posting photos and more information when I return to Los Angeles next week.

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