Pony Canyon CD “Hits and New” for purchase

Pony Canyon CD “Hits and New” for purchase
Posted on June 12, 2016 .

As previously posted a few weeks ago, we informed our fans that Pony Canyon would be releasing a 27-track CD later this month (this coming week, actually) and that we would be offering it for sale in our on-line store.

We are showing the cover artwork here, as well as in the on-line store.

Because of a number of comments we have received from fans, advising that they are disappointed that there are so few new tracks (5 of 27) and don’t really want to pay $30 for a CD that includes many songs they already have, we decided to try something new this year, as follows:

I go to Japan every year during the tour and usually pick up copies of any new CDs at that time, as well as tour merchandise for any fans who want to order special items from me. I will be doing the same this year, in mid-August. I plan to get all the new CDs autographed by the group members (Gerry, Leon, Bob and Ian Spalding) so that whoever has ordered from me will get a personalized copy for their collection. There will be no additional cost for the autographs.

So – if anyone is interested in participating in this new method of ordering, please contact me directly at fionataylor@theventures.com and include your phone number so that I can call you back to get your credit card information. Please DO NOT send credit card information in an e-mail. We could take orders through the on-line store but we would have to charge your credit card in advance of delivery (which will be late August when I return from Japan): for security purposes, all orders that are not processed within 30 days are automatically deleted. Alternatively, you can send me a check for $37 ($30 plus shipping and handling) to The Ventures Marketing, P.O. Box 372021, Reseda, CA 91337-2021.

Regarding new tour merchandise available from the 2016 Japan tour, I will be posting a list of available items with prices and (hopefully) photographs and will take orders in a similar way. I try to do this every year to accommodate fans who are not able to get to Japan – my way of saying 99.9% of people who don�t live in Japan! By picking it up when I go to Japan, I can avoid shipping costs and keep prices down to a tolerable level!

I will be out of the country from today until June 20, but will have e-mail capability and will be happy to answer any questions and acknowledge any orders.

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