Posted on June 24, 2012 .

We just received a new batch of guitar picks with the ‘Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’ logo. Previously, they came in 10 different colors. This shipment includes 15 different colors so, for any pick collector, it’s a bonanza. Then, I got to thinking. Here we are coming up to July 4 – so why not have a celebration pack? Six picks, two each in Red, White and Blue! Works for British and French fans too. Or, if you’re Italian, how about Red, White and Green. Or German: Red, Yellow and Black. Then there would the sports fan’s assortments: Blue and White for the Dodgers, Purple and Yellow for the Lakers, Green and Yellow for the Packers – and that’s just a few examples. So, we will be offering a ‘pick your own assortment’ pack, with a bonus 6 picks instead of 5, for the same $5.00 price tag. And, for anyone who wants all 15 colors, we will offer that for $10. Here are the available colors:

Black, Dark Purple, Light Purple, Clear Dark Blue, Light Blue, Lavender Blue

Green, Red, Pink, Oorange, Yellow, White

Limited availability these 3 colors: Dark Green, Brown, Peach Pink

When you order, select assortment #5, and mention your preferred colors for a total of 6 picks at $5. If you select assortment #6, you will automatically get 15 different picks for $10.

We will be adding these options to our on-line store later this week.

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