Nokie Edwards – update

Nokie Edwards – update
Posted on September 25, 2012 .

This is a short update to the item below. Judy Edwards informed me today that Nokie is doing better and will probably be moved to a different floor of the hospital tomorrow, out of ICU into the CCU (cardiac care unit) and, hopefully, into a regular room within a couple of days. The doctors continue to monitor his heart and lungs but Judy said he is almost in the clear now. Good news indeed.

A week ago, we heard that Nokie had been admitted to a hospital in Sendai, Japan (the Tohoku area, not far from where the earthquake and tsunami disaster happened last year). We did not want to post any information until we were sure that we had the correct details. Unfortunately, others have spread all sorts of rumors that, it turns out, were not true. Today, I received word from Judy, Nokie’s wife, who is now with him in Japan. She asked me to post the following: Nokie did NOT have a heart attack (as has been stated elsewhere). Rather, he is suffering from Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) which caused him to pass out – also his blood oxygen level was very low at the time this occurred. The doctors have been removing fluid from his heart and lungs, plus he is now resting well. Apparently, he also needs another lead wire attached to his pacemaker to ensure correct functioning on the left side of his heart. With the right treatment, he should be fine.
As soon as we have any further details, we will post them. Judy will be in touch again with more news. In the meanwhile, we wish Nokie a speedy and full recovery and our thoughts and prayers are with both him and Judy.

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