New Japanese CD release, plus new inventory of out-of-stock items

New Japanese CD release, plus new inventory of out-of-stock items
Posted on June 8, 2012 .

First of all, we will have good news later this week regarding a new Japanese CD release and here are the details: the CD, called ‘Memories of Japan’ is now up in our on-line store. The release date is June 27, 2012, and we expect to receive copies of the CD within a few days thereafter. We should be able to start shipping orders right after July 4, possibly before. The CD is dedicated to the people of Japan and almost all the songs were written by The Ventures, with titles related to many of the cities where the group has played over the years. There are 4 completely newly recorded tracks:’Japan Surf’, ‘Sapporo Spring’, ‘Echoes of Sendai’ and ‘Hakata Sun’.

Secondly, as many of you are aware, we are out of stock of many Japanese CDs and we have not been re-ordering because of the very unfavorabl yen/dollar exchange. However, as several fans have asked us when we will be getting new supplies, we have decided to re-stock sooner rather than later, but some of these items will be given new prices – we try not to raise our prices, but it has become impossible not to do so. In order to estimate the quantities (so that we don’t bring in too much and end up sitting on inventory at a high cost), it would be extremely helpful if anyone who is interested could notify me ( which CDs and/or DVDs you would like to purchase. Right now, we will only be ordering product from EMI Japan, so here are the items with the new pricing:

Play Kayama Yuzo

Play Southern All Stars

Popular Hits

In My Life

Bob Bogle Memorial Album


All of the above at $30 per CD.

Then there are the DVDs (prices are based on Japan retail):

Complete Live ’93 $60.00

Wild Again Concert ’97 $55.00

Beloved Invaders $50.00

Live in Japan 1990 $45.00

30th Anniversary Super Sessions $45.00

Lastly, we can make available The Ventures Live in Japan ’65 (Japanese release, not the US release – different cover, etc.) at $22 per CD. We have not offered this CD in the past, but it has been a must-have for many fans.

All inquiries will be acknowledged! Thanks.

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