Legacy Leads Live! New Japanese CD release

Legacy Leads Live! New Japanese CD release
Tags: Posted on July 8, 2017 .

Pony Canyon will be releasing a 2-CD compilation this July to coincide with the summer tour 2017.  The cover artwork, track listing and Bob Spalding’s liner notes are shown here.

If anyone wishes to purchase a copy from us, again, please e-mail me directly at fionataylor@theventures.com and place your order.  The price will be $30.  Important:  I need to have the orders in by the end of July!

I will be picking up copies while I am in Japan and, if you wish to have them autographed by the group (Gerry McGee, Leon Taylor, Bob Spalding, Ian Spalding) I can do that for you so please indicate that when you order.  The signatures will be in/on the booklet, not on the CDs themselves.

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