Japanese CD releases

Japanese CD releases
Posted on June 28, 2009 .

We have added the 3 new CD releases from M&I Records – that is, ‘The Ventures 50th Anniversary Live’ CD and the 2 ‘Play with The Ventures’ CDs. These may be ordered now from the on-line store, for delivery in mid-July.

We are still waiting for the full information from EMI Japan for their summer CD releases, and hope to be able to post this early next week. These will include ‘The Ventures Play Kayama Yuzo’ – for those who do not know, Yuzo Kayama is practically an icon in Japan, as he is an actor, guitar player, song-writer, painter, chef – you name it – and has been a good friend of the Ventures for many years. The Ventures had hit versions of some of Kayama-san’s songs, and this new CD includes some terrific new tracks. The second CD release is a compilation, titled ‘The Ventures Play Southern All Stars’, and includes tracks from the original 1990s CD as well as some from the M&I ‘Tsunami’ CD originally released in 2001.

As many of you know, all the CD releases in Japan are rather expensive – even more so at the moment, due to the yen/dollar exchange rate. We will be ordering in stock of CDs based on the response to our on-line store. It is extremely costly for us to order and inventory large quantities of these CDs, so we are asking you to – in effect – pre-order so we can service your requests – but there will be a time delay in order for us to receive the shipments. I (Fiona) will be bringing back additional stock in September after my visit to Japan.

More information soon!

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