Japan tour 2018 merchandise

Japan tour 2018 merchandise
Posted on August 4, 2018 .

Fans ask each year whether there will be items available from The Ventures’ tour in Japan. If possible, I try to bring back items for whoever wants to order them. This year, there is a good variety, including some new offerings, as follows:

Tour program $10 (I get these autographed)
Group photo $10 (also autographed)
Golf towel $15
Pick set (5 picks on a card) $10
Sticker set $5
Necktie (Orange or Red) $30
(can be autographed – these are like the ties that the group now wears on stage)
T-shirts $35
There are 2 designs this year: Black, Navy and Grey, in Medium or Large.
Sizes are geared to the Japanese market, of course.
Mel Taylor signature drumsticks $15
Keychain $15

I will try to get photos of the items added to this post. Alternatively, please contact me directly at fionataylor@theventures.com and I should be able to e-mail the photos to you.

Orders need to be placed with me no later than August 23, 2018. Payments will not be processed until the items are shipped to you in early September after my return from Japan. For anyone who will be attending the Fan Fest, I can bring your orders to the event rather than shipping them.

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