Go! Go! Best+ track listing

Go! Go! Best+ track listing
Posted on May 17, 2014 .

We have recently been advised of the final track listing for the new Pony Canyon CD to be released in July. There are a whopping 28 tracks, including the two new recordings made last month: ‘Theme from Lupin III ’78’ and ‘Go-Go Wave’. Here’s the list:

1. Diamond Head

2. Slaughter on 10th Avenue

3. Walk Don’t Run

4. Perfidia

5. House of the Rising Sun

6. Telstar

7. Apache

8. Manchurian Beat

9. Hawaii Five-O

10. Yozora no Hoshi

11. The Cruel Sea

12. Wipe Out

13. Driving Guitars

14. Honky Tonk Women

15. Penetration

16. Paint it Black

17. Kyoto Doll

18. Ginza Lights

19. Stranger in Midosuji

20. Reflections in a Palace Lake

21. Hokkaido Skies

22. Pipeline

23. Secret Agent Man

24. Jailhouse Rock

25. Yellow Jacket

26. Caravan

27. Theme from Lupin III ’78

28. Go-Go Wave

Artwork will be posted as soon as we receive it, and the CD will be added to the on-line store some time in the next few weeks, for pre-ordering.

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