Gerry McGee health update

Gerry McGee health update
Posted on August 28, 2017 .

Gerry McGee was taken to the hospital yesterday due to some respiratory problems.  He is now in the hospital in Fukuoka in the south of Japan.  His condition seems to be improving but he will be unable to play for the rest of the tour.  We are hoping that he will have sufficiently recovered by sometime next week, so that he can return home to the US.  I am also here in Fukuoka for the next few days.


Lucas (Luke) Griffin, who is our newest member of the US touring Ventures, will be arriving in Japan today and will play with The Ventures for the last 7 shows of this tour.


We ask for your good thoughts and prayers for Gerry’s speedy recovery and also your good wishes for Lucas on his first trip to Japan and his introduction to our Japanese audiences.

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