Gerry McGee Forever – tribute CD set

Gerry McGee Forever – tribute CD set
Posted on July 13, 2022 .

As we all know, Gerry passed away in October 2019 while on a solo tour in Japan. His Japanese fans were – and are – many, and it is only fitting that Pony Canyon has decided to release a very comprehensive set of 3 CDs for his fans to enjoy.

Disc 1 is the Gerry McGee Live Collection with 20 tracks recorded in Japan with The Ventures at various times, with Don Wilson, Bob Bogle, Bob Spalding and Leon Taylor.

Disc 2 is the Gerry McGee Studio Collection which has 22 tracks, again recorded with The Ventures on Tracks 1-16: however, the next 3 tracks were originally recorded in 1973 for the Mel Taylor & The Dynamics and, of course, the players on that included former Ventures’ member John Durrill and current Ventures’ member, Bob Spalding.

Disc 3 is Gerry’s album “My Guitar Memories” on which he played a number of the songs he had performed or recorded with other artists. His son, Kane McGee played drums on that CD as well. The last 3 tracks were previously unreleased.

This is an excellent collection with a total of 55 tracks. We are offering this in our on-line store for pre-order between now and July 31, with delivery to be expected at the end of August. Please place any orders either directly on our website on-line store, or by contacting me directly – Fiona Taylor,, cell phone 818-903-6381.

Gerry McGee / Gerry McGee Forever
Release date July 20, 2022
M&I/Pony Canyon Inc.
¥3,500 (¥3,182+tax) 

Disc 1【Gerry McGee Live Collection/The Ventures】

1 HAWAII FIVE-O (M. Stevens) ハワイ・ファイブ・オー
2 BORN TO BE WILD (M. Bonfire) ワイルドで行こう
3 GREEN ONIONS (B.T.Jones, S. Cropper, A. Jackson, L. Steinberg) グリーン・オニオンズ
4 LOVE POTION No.9 (J. Leiber, M. Stoller) ラヴ・ポーションNo.9
5 DRIVING GUITARS (B. Bogle, D. Wilson, N. Edwards) ドライヴィング・ギター
6 WALK DON’T RUN ’64 (J. Smith)  ウォーク・ドント・ラン‘64
7 APACHE (J. Lordon) アパッチ
8 BLUE STAR (V. Young) ブルー・スター
9 HIDE AWAY (F. King, S. Thompson) ハイド・アウェイ
10 MAGIC NIGHT (M. Taylor, D. Wilson, B. Bogle) マジック・ナイト
11 WHAM (L. Mack) ワム
12 LAST DATE  (F. Cramer Jr.) ラスト・デイト
13 IN MY LIFE (J. Lennon, P. McCartney) イン・マイ・ライフ
14 SULTANS OF SWING (M. Knopfler) 悲しきサルタン
15 CLASSICAL GAS (M. Williams)  クラシカル・ガス
16 MARIA ELENA (C. L. Barcelata, S.K. Russell) マリア・エレナ
17 HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN  (A. Price) 朝日のあたる家
18 MANCHURIAN BEAT (J.A. Schatrow) さすらいのギター
19 SLAUGHTER ON 10TH AVENUE  (R. Rodgers) 10番街の殺人
20 CARAVAN (D. Ellington, I. Mills, J. Tizol) キャラヴァン

The Ventures
Gerry McGee (Lead Guitar)
Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar)
Bob Bogle (Bass Guitar)
Bob Spalding (Bass Guitar)
Leon Taylor (Drums & Percussion)

Disc 2 【Gerry McGee Studio Collection】
1 TWIST DEGLI AMANTI “L’ECLISSE” (G. Fusco) 太陽はひとりぼっち
2 ONE OF THESE NIGHTS (G. Frey, D. Henley) 呪われた夜
4 PAINT IT BLACK (M.Jagger, K.Richard) 黒くぬれ!
5 THE SOUND OF SILENCE (P. Simon) サウンド・オブ・サイレンス
6 HONKY TONK WOMEN (M. Jagger, K. Richard)  ホンキー・トンク
7 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (L. Bart) ロシアより愛をこめて
8 MERCY MERCY MERCY (J. Zawinul) マーシー・マーシー・マーシー
9 SAN FRANCISCO (J. Phillips) 花のサンフランシスコ
10 MEMPHIS (C. Berry)
11 BLACK IS BLACK (A. Hayes, S. Wadey, M. Grainger) ブラック・イズ・ブラック
12 NIGHT BIRD (B. Bogle, D. Wilson, B. Spalding) ナイト・バード
13 SANTA CRUZ (G. McGee) サンタ・クルス
14 KYOTO DOLL (D. Wilson, M. Taylor, G. McGee, J.R. Durrill) 京都の恋
15 REFLECTIONS IN A PALACE LAKE (D. Wilson, M. Taylor, G. McGee, J.R. Durrill) 京都慕情
16 STRANGER IN MIDOSUJI (B. Bogle, D. Wilson, M. Taylor, G. McGee, J.R. Durrill) 雨の御堂筋
17 REELING IN THE YEARS (W. Becker) 輝く季節
18 I WILL RETURN (J. Durrill, B. Spalding) アイ・ウィル・リターン 未発表音源(1973)
19 JESSICA (F. R. Betts) ジェシカ 未発表音源(1973)
20 Goodtime Charlies Got The Blues (D. O’Keefe) グッドタイム・チャーリーズ・ガット・ザ・ブルース 
21 Kern County Line (The Ventures)  カーン・カウンティー・ライン 
22 Chili Pepper (H. Tokutake)  チリ・ペッパー 

#1~16 The Ventures
Gerry McGee (Lead Guitar)
Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar)
Bob Bogle (Bass Guitar)
Bob Spalding (Rhythm Guitar)
 Leon Taylor (Drums & Percussion)
#17~19 Mel Taylor & The Dynamics
#20~22 徳武弘文

Disc 3【Gerry McGee “My Guitar Memories”】
1 BLUES DE TEXAS (D. McGee) ブルース・デ・テキサス
2 THINGS THAT I USED TO DO (E. Jones) シングス・ザット・アイ・ユースト・トゥ・ドゥー
3 YOU WIN AGAIN (H. Williams) ユー・ウィン・アゲイン
4 ELVIS MEDLEY: MYSTERY TRAIN (H. Parker Jr., S. Phillips)~ THAT’S ALRIGHT MOMMA(B.B. Crudip, A. Crudup) ミステリー・トレイン~ザッツ・オールライト・ママ
5 WILDWOOD FLOWER (A. Carter) ワイルドウッド・フラワー
6 CHINA NIGHTS (Y. Saijou, N. Takeoka) 支那の夜
7 LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE (T. Boyce, B. Hart) 恋の終列車
8 EVERGREEN (B. Streisand, P. Williams) エヴァーグリーン(スター誕生愛のテーマ)
9 IN MY LIFE (J. Lennon, P. McCartney) イン・マイ・ライフ
10 STORMY MONDAY BLUES (T-Bone Walker) ストーミー・マンデー・ブルース
11 YOU’RE SO VAIN (C. Simon) うつろな愛
12 I BELIEVE WHAT YOU SAY (D. Burnette) アイ・ビリーヴ・ホワット・ユー・セイ
13 MOVIN’ ON (H. Snow) ムーヴィン・オン

Gerry McGee (Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal)
Kane McGee (Drums, Percussion, Background Vocal)
Freddie Pate (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals)
Steve Grisaffe (Bass)
Ed Gore (Keyboards)

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