Don Wilson Amplifier

Ever since their first visit to Japan, the Ventures remain as no. 1 instrumental group on our mind. Don Wilson is an established guitarist of the Ventures.

The amplifier development project with Canopus has launched with the commitment that we develop an ultimate amplifier agreeable to Dom himself. The primal goal for us upon the development of Don Wilson's amplifier was how to substantiate "clear and big power" he advocates.

"Clear" should not be merely undistorted sound. It takes truly beautiful and comfortable natural sound and tone.

By the same token, big power is not merely high-output. Solid presence, sharp attack, rich sounding and reach in the hall are taken into consideration for the creation of powerfulness in its true meaning under limited output level.

The key factors that determine the sound are careful circuit design and rigid selection of components. In the field of "tube" amplifier, to exchange into the arranged parts for better sound on existing amplifier, (typically known as group tube) is already practiced.

However, upon our engagement for "Don Wilson Signature Amplifier", we maintained our clear policy that we will not make a slightest compromise to musicians and designer from all parts to all details with extensive consideration of balance, disregarding cost factors.

"I started playing the guitar in 1958 and have used many different kinds and models of amplifiers in the years since then. I therefore know what I like and what suits my amplifier needs. I have worked with the Canopus Company to make an amplifier to my specifications, and I find the Canopus Don Wilson Model amp to be one of the very best I have ever used. It has power, cleanness, sound, workmanship, physical looks all built in to one unit - it is compact with a good strong sounding reverb." -Don Wilson (The Ventures)

Don Wilson Amplifires