It is the best snare drum that I have ever used. The tone quality is great, the hardware is excellent. Not only is the tone great, but it has a lot of volume, and is clean & clear. I used it for the first time this month in the studio, and everyone remarked how great it sounded. * The above is a recommendation letter on this snare drum written by Mr.Mel Taylor when he was here for their Japan Tour in 1993. * A warranty certificate of Snare drum carries with an autograph of Mr.Mel Taylor himself (copy) and a genuine autograph of Mrs. Fiona Taylor.

Proposition given by Leon Taylor was "rock sound" with good projection and attack, utilizing the advantages of Canopus snare drum. We thought thinner shell could be effective in order to highlight the attach sound that Leon meant. 4 materials have been nominated for this purpose, they were 6 ply Maple with 4mm thickness, birch, brass with 1mm thickness and aluminum. Attach sound and ample feeling of 1mm thickness brass was his choice. In order to add hard outline and brightness on top of ample 1mm brass snare drum, black nickel was plated on the shell, thereby sound projection has also been improved.

He clearly said that "This snare drum is awesome" when he played prototype No.5 for the first time during his summer tour in 2008. He played this prototype snare drum throughout the tour0?and brought it back to America, which was still without badge. May be that sound character fired up his rock spirit, he was so specific about finishing all metal parts in black. Paint finish for the color parts are more frequently used due to its convenience of fabrication. However, musical high overtone disappears because vibration of metal parts are depressed by the paint finish. For this reason, Canopus has avoided consciously the use of color parts. But, now we made snare drum with all black come true by plating all metal parts in black without sacrificing the sound.

We can imagine from his sound that he used to be a metal drummer, wearing leather jacket with chains and long hair before he became the drummer of Ventures as successor to his father Mel Taylor. This is definitely a superb snare drum that to be played by rock drummers.

"This snare drum is awesome. Powerful and focused. And it looks amazing. I was looking for a snare drum that would give me the projection and attack and also have sensitivity for any playing situation, live or in the studio. I always said I would have to love a snare drum to put my name on it and I LOVE THIS SNARE DRUM! Canopus delivered big time. Thank You!"

Ever since their first visit to Japan, the Ventures remain as no. 1 instrumental group on our mind. Don Wilson is an established guitarist of the Ventures.
The amplifier development project with Canopus has launched with the commitment that we develop an ultimate amplifier agreeable to Dom himself. The primal goal for us upon the development of Don Wilson’s amplifier was

how to substantiate “clear and big power”
he advocates.

“Clear” should not be merely undistorted sound. It takes truly beautiful and comfortable natural sound and tone.
By the same token, big power is not merely high-output. Solid presence, sharp attack, rich sounding and reach in the hall are taken into consideration for the creation of powerfulness in its true meaning under limited output level.
The key factors that determine the sound are careful circuit design and rigid selection of components. In the field of “tube” amplifier, to exchange into the arranged parts for better sound on existing amplifier, (typically known as group tube) is already practiced.
However, upon our engagement for “Don Wilson Signature Amplifier,” we maintained our clear policy that we will not make a slightest compromise to musicians and designer from all parts to all details with extensive consideration of balance, disregarding cost factors.

Compact Outfit of Don’s Complicated System

The first request Don made to us is to make his huge system into compact outfit so that amateur musicians can bring. At the same time, it should be durable transistor amplifier to be trouble free in long tours. Don obtained his reverb sound out of separate Tube-works. For output, he used Peavey for dry (normal) sound and Roland Jazz Chorus for reverb sound in order to make his to reverb sound clearer. We developed original circuit in one cabinet to realize more powerful and clearer reverb sound. We also built-in reverb unit in head part. This way, we managed to integrated his complicated huge system into one set and realized compact version of his system.

Compatible to All Guitar, No Compromise to Lead Guitar and Side Guitar.

Don’s second request was that the amplifier should be compatible to all guitars with no compromise to both lead guitar and side guitar. We set a big difference in input level between high and low. A musician can choose high level input for low-level pick-ups like Jazz master type. He can choose low input for high-level pick-ups like Mosrite or Aria’s Ventures models. This enables stabilized big power from one amplifier without distortion and we realized “clear and big-power” sound he had requested. When a musician put his lead guitar in high input, he can gain tube like mild overdrive sound thought it is a transistor amplifier. This amplifier is compatible for both lead guitar and side guitar without making any compromise in sound.


Colorful Reverb Effects

We use Accutronics (Hammond: Made in U.S.A.) reverb unit in 2 springs model and 3 springs model in dual setting to reproduce the sound of 60’s in more effective reverb sound. Generally level control of reverb unit is set only on drive side. We set level control on the pick-up side, too. This enables various reverb sound effects form typical the Ventures electric guitar sound of 60’s Don creates up to deep and long sound like that of the Shadows. Newly equipped enhance control will do more than standard tone control. Under low level, it limits high tone and emphasizes low tone. Under high level, it reduces low tone and emphasizes high tone. The enhance control devise will make much more colorful tone control than those existing ones.


Rigid Parts Selection for Supreme Amplifier


  • We tried every tube for reverb drive in order to respond Don’s severe concern on reverb. We concluded to use 6BM8 (Svetlana, Made in Russia) which had passed Russia’s strict military standard. We obtained an unprecedented deep reverb effect with this selection.
  • We chose ceramic type (Made in Russia) for pin in the socket part to hold the above tube. This type is durable against high temperature and reliable under long hour performance.
  • We adapted special device to lock reverb unit’s spring to avoid the reverb unit’s damage during the transportation. This type of troubles has substantially solved with this device.
  • We adapted CLIF input jack (Made in U.K) for smooth handling. It will transmit delicate musical expression of guitarist perfectly into the amplifier.
  • We adapted SWITCH CRAFT output jack (Made in U.S.A) for effective transmission. This type allows very little contact resistance and allows almost no power decline in big power performance over long period of time.
  • We adapted Motorola’s TO-3 (Made in U.S.A.) for final transistor to secure beautiful musical expression.
  • We adapted large EI core power trans with shortening for power supply from the initial to the final stages. It allows stabilized power supply even in high power peak situations.
    It will secure powerful sounding feel and impact under any circumstances.
  • We adapted large heat-sink (radiation panel) for sustainable power supply in long hours of performance.
  • We adapted glass epoxy type. This type is most durable against heat and aging because of its non-elasticity.
  • We adapted large C.T.S (Made in U.S.A.) for volume part (P.O.T.). Volume part is the most heavily used part and this selection will secure exceptional durability.
  • We adapted beautiful and durable pine plywood from Northern Europe for amplifier head. We use pinewood plywood for speaker cabinet.
    This material provides better sound projection, clarity and resonance compared to regular particleboard. We realized outstanding sound projection in a large hall over 1000 audience.