The Ventures
The Ventures Band Members: Bob Spalding, Nokie Edwards, Don Wilson, Gerry McGee, Bob Bogle, Leon Taylor.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Class of 2008

The Ventures in Space

The Ventures in Space


Penetration and the other songs in this album demonstrated The Ventures  interest in exploring new guitar sounds.

The album is considered by many to be a classic.

Keith Moon (The Who) proclaimed this album to be one of his favorites of all time.

The comments below were written about Ventures In Space in 1982 by Dawn Eden, American author, headline writer, popular music historian, and social commentator. With a comic touch aimed at the album title and concept, Ms. Eden identified her location as Hoboken, Earth.

'Although The Ventures exploration of outer space occurred a few years before teenagers' mass exploration of inner space, the album became a major influence on the psychedelic generation. One particularly revolutionary aspect of Ventures In Space was its guitar sound, which was unusually dense and jagged for its day. The album was the first one on which The Ventures played Semie Mosley's Mosrite guitars. The guitars' propensity for distortion gave The Ventures sound a new edge'
'The most fascinating aspect of Ventures In Space is how, given 1963's recording technology, the group created such a stunningly ethereal sound. On many tracks, what sounds like synthesizer is actually session great Red Rhodes' weeping steel guitar. The group obviously had a lot of fun seeing how they could make normal instruments sound spacey, and the enjoyment is contagious. It's that organic feel of 'real' instruments that gives Ventures In Space its haunting intimacy, daring today's musicians to create half of that sound with twice the technology.'

Dawn Eden's sentiments echo the views of many rock critics who view this album as, not only the Ventures most progressive album, but also their most influential overall. Some argue that it's their best work.

The album content is a mix of cosmic versions of two then-recent instrumental hits, five true-to-title sci-fi themes, four dimension-bending Ventures originals, and one galactic war tune written for the Ventures.